April 9, 2020

Another day and another opportunity to think about how to improve your business and to begin implementing the changes that you think are best.

Positive Thought For The Day – “Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction.”
Germany Kent

Employment Data – Last week, 137,573 people filed initial jobless claims in North Carolina, according to a new weekly report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As reported by Indy Week: “Over the previous two weeks following the closure of many restaurants, bars, and nonessential businesses, about 265,000 people in North Carolina had filed for unemployment, meaning that as of April 4, more than 402,000 workers had been laid off in less than a month.”

NC Unemployment Claims Processing – This is not good news at all. North Carolina’s unemployment division is the worst in the nation at getting timely payments to its applicants, and has been for several years, data from USDOL’s Employment and Training Administration show. For the first quarter of 2020, North Carolina paid 67.2% of first payments in a timely manner. The national average for the same period was 86.5%.

US Unemployment DataAmericans applied for unemployment benefits in massive numbers for a third straight week, bringing the total to about 16.8 million during the coronavirus pandemic’s economic shutdown.

Buncombe County Lockdown Now IndefiniteBuncombe County issued an new declaration, which took effect this morning at 6:00am extending the lockdown of residents until indefinitely.

Online Shopping Data – Curious as to what people are buying online during the lockdown, check out this visual presentation of the fastest growing e-commerce product categories YOY.

More Money By Itself Will Not WorkFederal Reserve takes additional actions to provide up to $2.3 trillion in loans to support the economy. But what difference does it make unless it can be properly administered and distributed to those that qualify.

Dr. Fauci on Lockdown Timelines – Here is an interview of the Doctor during the Today show this morning.

The Lawsuits Begin – As the lockdowns continue indefinitely and peoples’ goodwill towards and patience with Local, County and State overreach expires, I expect that the Courts will begin to get real busy with cases such as the following. Non-resident real property owners in Dare County sue to get access to their property. I think that the fact that Dare County is permitting entry to residents of surrounding Counties, but not Dare County real property owners that reside out of State should cause Dare County officials to immediately settle this case. See also, A North Carolina beach town, Wrightsville Beach, is increasing fines for people who violate beach closures in light of rules established as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic.