March 31, 2020

Rainy days are perfect to sift through that box of documents to get your books and records complete.

Medical Data For Buncombe – As of March 30, 2020, there have been a total of 21 positive COVID-19 patients in Buncombe County and of those 21, 16 have recovered and been released from isolation.

Medical Data For NC – We have reconciled the inconsistencies between Buncombe County and NC, and concluded that the NC Cases Map and Data does not present an accurate accounting of the cases as of the date it claims to be updated. The NCDHHS is presenting the total accumulated number of people that have tested positive for COVID-19. Their number does not reflect the positive test patients that have subsequently recovered and been released from isolation. For example, as of March 30, 11:00 am, the NCDHSS reports that Buncombe County has 20 cases. Buncombe County, however, was reporting that 12 COVID-19 patients had recovered and been released from isolation.

Move With Mo! – Mo Goldstein is a human movement coach, massage therapist at Apeiron Center Asheville. He is also the Founder and owner of Functional Wellness, LLC. Adapting to the current environment, Mo is offering his “Move With Mo!” class for free every weekday from 10:30 to 11:00 am. Don’t think you need to be some type of musclehead, gym rat for Mo’s classes. They are meant for regular people that have lived their life and now experience the aches and pains associated therewith. Focusing on movement of specific areas of the body, you will feel much better after taking his class. Also, Mo does a simulcast on Instagram (front view) and Facebook (side view), with each platform presenting a different angle, so you can really understand the movement. So get your two devices and move to his Instagram page and his Facebook page.

This Is One Reason Why We Started This Site – Here is a WLOS story about a small business operated by a couple that are unable to traverse the complexities still required to obtain services. Today, we are starting to reach out to business owners through social media, but if you all could share this site with your friends and colleagues we would appreciate it. Thanks.

Private Business Stepping UpAmerica’s oldest retailer, Brooks Brothers, will begin producing medical-grade masks and gowns by converting its North Carolina, New York and Massachusetts factories. It states that it will be able to produce up to 150,000 masks per day. Wonder if they will have pin stripes? Also, who would have thought that GQ would have an article containing useful information. Strange times, indeed.

Leading Your Company Through A Pandemic – Lenny Rachitsky has a weekly newsletter that provides some interesting ideas regarding business and productivity. This week’s newsletter is worth reading and thinking about as you navigate your business through the turbulent waters.

Courthouse Secure – Suspect KilledThere was an active shooter at the Buncombe County Courthouse in downtown Asheville this morning. WLOS reports the suspect has been killed, an officer was injured by flying glass and was taken to the hospital and that the Courthouse is now secure.

SBA Reminder – Unless you are organizing your books and records, get to work on utilizing the funding programs being offered by the SBA.

Quick Tips For StartupsHere are 11 quick tips for startups. Not in depth, but it may motivate some people to keep going.

Not SurprisingTech Crunch reports that videoconferencing apps saw a enormous spike in downloads during the week March 14-21, topping 62 million according to a new report by App Annie.

Surviving & Thriving28 Moves To Survive (& Thrive) in a Downturn, by Pete Flint of NFX, a seed stage venture firm based in San Francisco, provides some sound advice to business leaders. If you are full of survival advice and that article is not appealing, it is still worthwhile to check out Pete’s Company because they have a lot of interesting material and tools for founders.

IMPORTANT SBA UPDATE – At about 3:00pm today, we received an email from the SBA North Carolina District Director stating that there is a new, streamlined application for Economic Injury Disaster Loan (“EIDL”). He also reminded us that the $10,000 Advance on an EIDL may be available even if your EIDL application was declined or is still pending, and will be forgiven. To apply for the Advance, you need to submit a new application even if you previously submitted an EIDL application.  Applying for the Advance will not impact the status or slow your existing application.

CALL YOUR BANK AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT – The Treasury Department has released details regarding the Paycheck Protection Program. We have summarized the details and have links to the announcement as well as other relevant information on a separate page.