April 15, 2020

Good Morning, it appears that there are many people that want NC to reopen with a about 100 protestors ReOpen NC protest happening yesterday in downtown Raleigh. Hopefully, their voices are heard by State, County and Local officials and prudent measures are undertaken to get schools and businesses open so that people can get back to work.

ReOpen NC – A rally in downtown Raleigh of about 100 people with many people in their cars was broken up by the Raleigh police and resulted in the arrest one person with the Raleigh police tweeting their explanation for breaking up the rally by stating that: “Protesting is a non-essential activity.” The News & Observer has a fact check on the constitutionality of the actions by the police and comes down the middle with a definite maybe. A discussion of the constitutionality of the police action against the ReOpen NC protest clearly requires a lot more than a quick fact check and I expect that there will be a plethora of opinions put out today. My observation is that all of us that have had our schools and businesses closed and have been placed under lockdown in our homes have demonstrated an incredible patience with our State, County and Local Officials and their overreaching Executive Orders. Yesterday’s rally reveals that the people’s patience is waning and further cooperation may be limited in time and scope.

NC Medical DataWLOS reports that NC Officials are stating that NC has not yet seen a peak.

Get My PaymentThe IRS website now has its page for the Economic Impact Payment up and running. If the IRS does not have the ability to direct deposit your payment, you might want to check out the page and give them the necessary information so that the are able. If not, you may wait many weeks/months to get the government cheese.

NC Executive Order Clarification Request – NC State Senators Warren Daniel and Danny Britt, both co-chairs of the NC State Judiciary Committee, wrote a letter to Gov. Cooper asking him to “clarify whether your executive orders have prohibited the First Amendment right of North Carolinians to peacefully protest against your executive orders?” Interesting question and the answer should be even more interesting. My understanding is that the organizers of the rally first obtained the necessary permits and initially understood that the police would be there to ensure that people stayed 6 feet apart.